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Laser Cutting, Hydraulic, Electric Press Brakes, Shearing and Plasma Cutting Machines


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Motors & Gear Motors

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One Of The Leading Industrial Equipment Trading Companies In Middle East.

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Machines & Line Machines

Metal Forming Machines, Lathe Workshop Machines, Duct Forming Machines ..

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Motors & Gear Motors

Supplying many kinds of Motors & Gear Motors suitable for all needs

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Raw Materials

Supplying Raw Materials such as Bronze, Teflon, Copper, Brass, Aluminum & Iron

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Tools & Equipments

Supplying Many Tools & Equipments suitable for all needs

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Spare Part Section

Each customers request for spare parts is evaluated quickly and answered as soon as possible with reasonable prices. see more...

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Service Request Form

Our customers create a service request by completing the form on this page. Every request is processed by our customer representatives as soon as possible. see more...

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Technical Support

Technical Support Team Consists of Engineers & Technicians Trained At The Highest Level

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Quality Control Section

We have an innovative, dynamic and energetic staff. We take care of the detailed monitoring of all processes within our company, ensuring strict quality control of the products we offer. see more...

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Our Concept

Innovative Management & Innovative Ideas Which Can Be Helpful

Our Approach
  • Goals

    Becoming The Best And Optimal Solution For Providing All Services Related To The Field Of Industrial Equipment.

  • Through Our Plans

    The Company Works To Secure All Equipment With All Spare Parts Needed For Maintenance Operations. Maintenance Operations Are Carried Out By Engi- neers And Technicians With Extensive Experience In The Field And Highly Trained In All Equipment. see more...

  • Actions

    The Company Started By Taking Consideration Into Industrial Market Requirements For Factories, Lathes, Duct, Wood Working, Aluminum Forming And Maintenance Workshops Equipment's. see more...

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